About Us

About Us

Welcome to Indian Life Style Blogs

Indian Life Style Blogs offers to provide knowledge about indian culture ,Indian Food ,Indian Festival and all other activities held in India and we also share tradition of India because India is the junction of casts like Hindus ,Sikhs,Muslims and many other caste so every caste have their own culture and traditions and food which they eat.
This website mission is provide knowledge which is useful, easily understandable, reader can read by taking interest and easily anyone can read because we use simple words and simple sentence so everyone easily catch them and think about them and share their knowledge with their friends and with others
we also discuss the places which is popular for cultural activities and famous things at that place,as we know mostly people hobbie are to visit new places and eat some tasty food.We are proud to know the needs of our viewer and provide the most appropriate experience.
In Future  we also make some tour packages like if someone want to go dehradun than we provide all the list of famous place and food in dehradun and give all the facilities but we can do that in Future.
We always First research about the topic which we want to write or post in Future

Take Care,Indian Life Style Blogs.

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