Earn Money From YouTUBE II Make Some Extra Cash

YouTube Earning

YouTube Earning
YouTube Earning
Today there are so many YouTube channel and everyone want to make money and also broadcast her talent .YouTube is perfect platform to express your passion to world and Nowadays there are so many students who start YouTube Channel to earn money or broadcast her passion ,Many Channel are very Popular like Technical Guruji, Hacking Seekho, Carrymantti, BB ki vines, etc so I Suggest to all student to take YouTube as a part-time job because of risk of channel suspend or terminate or get Copyright /Community Guidelines
YouTube is a new policy to monetization YouTube channel that is 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers after that YouTube review your channel and if there is any community guideline or copyright YouTube may not enable your channel monetization  and YouTube also check that you are under YouTube policy after that YouTube find that you are eligible for monetization so YouTube enable You Channel monetization and you can easily upload video and earn money.

YouTube Success

YouTube is world second search engine after Google so you can get an idea how much traffic come daily on YouTube and you can get easy success as a YouTuber if you upload video content different with other's and you may be a night star that is your video may be going on trending when you uploaded video and people take interest
YouTube success key is Hard Work as well as your Luck as well as Smart work
If you want to achieve success in YouTube Carrier than there is no doubt that you want to work hard and I think everybody say that without hard work you can do nothing but also do smart work because you see much time some creators videos go on trending page because he/she upload video which is mostly viewed by everyone and all like and share video with friends and a chain is formed by sharing and about 40% view come from. other social media like Facebook, Instagram and all other.

My Advice -

if you want to be a YouTube creator than you have to read all the community guideline and policy of YouTube like thumbnail size, video frame rate per second, voice quality, video quality and all other about the video.

Video Uploading Time

This is most important part of video suppose you upload a video on YouTube at 3:00 AM in India and we all know that mostly all people sleeping at that time and the online user is too low so you.


Earn Money From Your Talent
YouTube is one of the most amazing platform to earn money online and you can earn lot of money because there is no fixed amount but you have to work hard so you have to upload Video and there is youTube Policy i.e 1000 subscriber and 4000 hours watch time on your channel after that you can enable your channel monetization and earn money                         
You have to upload video daily in starting two months and keep patient for channel monetization because your channel may be goes in review for a month and many youtuber quite youtube platform because of channel demonetization so do smart work not hard work
How to grow Youtube Channel
If You want to make your Channel as a brand than you have to design your channel art , icon and video thumbnail in professional way and make attractive to your viewer and also make your account in every social media platform and always upload video daily which is best for your viewer
Some Important Points for growing YouTube Channel
1. Choose Unique name for channel
2.  Make Your Channel Professional
3. Upload Video Regularly
4. Choose trending topic of the day
5. Make Your Video Thumbnail Attractive.