Video Game is Passion and Full Enjoyment without Physical Disturbance

Video Game is Passion
Video Game is Passion 

Video Game

Today is the era of video games and people generally interested in game which they play without anybody disturbance and mostly student
takes much interest in that game where they fight each other so this does not matter that video game is good or not but physically video game is not good for health because video game exercise our brain and physically we are disturbance and we feel stress and our mind does not work perfectly when we play game the whole day. The video game is good for the brain because scientifically who play video game takes less time to take any decision because in a video game gamer take a decision immediately while playing. we play the game in android phone and in laptop and we play with full enjoyment and full happiness.
The outdoor game is also important for physicians as well as mental fitness but in digital time we don't like game where we work physically, we mainly see in the modern period that human don't want to work and be depend on robots , the whole thing is that the future is the era of robots not for humans.

Game Like PUBG:

As we all know Pubg design in 2017 but it may not be viral or we can also say that people not take interest but in 2018 PUBG get viral and cross all the records of the earlier game you may be shocked to know that approximate 100 million time pubg game download in android and approx 25 million time in PC after that pubg not stop after break this record they make record for 10 millions users active at one time and 10 million is not a small number ,their are many game on play store but pubg is totally different from another that ways PUBG owner earn approximately 200k lakhs and i think there is no business  in whole world where we earn like pubg game i suggest you if your interest in computer and you are creative mind than you may go for game designing .
Gamers can think fast than normal people who not play video game because gamer take decision immediately when they play.