Today technology of small computer in 2018-2019


Small Computer

Today technology is vast term and we all are depend on modern technology if we remove the word technology from our life than we all are nothing because technology make easy our work and help us most at 95% work. You can also get an idea that there is industry in Japan which can run one month without human human (Japan Robot Company).
In future we believe that there is no work for human because robot work in mostly companies and this lead to unemployment.
Now we talk about world amazing technology who catch us totally that is MOBILE, yes mobile is a small computer and most people spend there most time on android mobile.

Android Phone

True and small computer is name as android phone which solve every problem like a computer and give output when we input any instruction.We can also say that a smartphone is small computer where we find all the option like a laptop or in computer .Android phone is the pocket device , comfortable device.Technology make our work easy in every filed of life if we do something like send letter to other person and he/she live in another city and you want to send in five minutes but we know that this is not possible without technology it may take four to five days when we send by post and introducing technologies like whatsapp,gmail and all other social media work like a postman and send letter as fast as human can not do in that speed like we e-mail someone and other end person get that mail in ten to twenty second and this is so fast.
Computer or LapTop May Be define as a
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