Relation between girl and boy without question answer

Relation between girl and boy without question answer
Relation between girl and boy without question answer


When it comes to love might seem to be just four letter spelling but philosophically speaking it has the weight-age which is enough to get through gravity alone. It can either make you feel if not you will fall, would make you more imaginative if not takes away your interest or sometimes when the time is rough with the right person and the damage becomes hard to handle, for that lover he just had a persistent thought " he/she won't let the two split or things will get better " eventually things might seem to work out but what if the same things happen in the coming future, all your thoughts of staying together, all that promises that you made within to oneself all might seem in vain. With all that, there are other things that you didn't opt for but you had to struggle with and those are vanishing beliefs, trust issue and into sceptical personality thinking that "I would never fall in love again " and would probably look for hookups.
we very well are aware that we live in a society, we have work colleagues, relatives, friends, parents, far acquaintance and close acquaintance and many more categories like that and moreover, we have a list of our own people like whom to talk with and whom to ignore.
      "do not look for love, find a friend that would stay and be with you ...the only condition you need for love "
and eventually you might notice small things that would change and that would be more adaptive for you ..mentally speaking ..all that traits stated above would hinder.
William Shakespeare has written many sonnets which are class apart as to how things can be understood as its beast. In one of his sonnet " true love " he wrote -
                        let me not to the marriage of true minds,

                        admit impediments. love is not love

                        which alters when it alteration finds,

                        or bends with the remover to remove
lets begin with the last two lines in an hypothetical manner if two persons in love finds that their better half lover  does not feel the way it used to be they would come up with a conclusion  to mutually break up and in the next month or sooner or later  into a new relationship and the same cycle keeps on repeating and above all that the similar dialogue " I don't wanna be in a relationship anymore or I can't fall in love ....the only ship that can sink is a relationship "

Stronger Relationship

Moving out of an unworthy relationship is a nice step but what if that happens in a perfect relationship .. even the jewellery that we own is not pure gold it's made up of a part of the alloy to make it stronger and into definite shape.

There are always deterrents in our life but that doesn't stop us from achieving our goal  ..what we need in our life is relief and love has a power of it. It does not surrender before the worldly problems and that which changes is not love ..its just two people sticking together for the fraction of time ..

if two people are in love they don't wanna be apart any moment ...they clearly know they are forever for each other..its not about physical attraction ...its about mental relief ..the only hope that does not deviate like a polar star.