Momos in dehradun is famous and You can eat at cheapest price

Momos is the Chinese street food but in India the courage of momos is to vast and everywhere you can find the stall of momos or fast food at cheapest price and don't take any tension about the taste because India is the junction of taste.Generally Momos are available in Fried and non fried but i suggest you to eat only fried because after fried they can easily digest and don't harm you physically,we not eat momos daily because this may lead to block of pipes through which our blood is circulate.
As we know momos come in the category of fast food and mostly people eat them at party or any other function generally.If you want to make momos in home you can search on Google "How to make Momos at Home" you have to all the things which we need to make momos,people like to eat them clean filling of momos and hygienic plates and simple and best in taste so shopkeeper always think about customer what needs and follow all the instruction given by customer by feedback.

Momos of Dehradun is Most popular all over the India:

In Dehradun fast food is mostly famous but momos is famous all over the India and in dehradun you can find easily in every market,generally eat lot of fast food may be harm your body and lead to cause fiver so not eat more than your limit.

Types Of Momos    :

Momos are many types like fried,non fried,Vegetarian,non Vegetarian,cream etc.You can eat them at shop or nearby any street.


This is good for those people who eat only Vegetarian and this is also available at all stall but you have to tell them which type of momos would you like to eat.this is available at both fried or non fried.You have to check by breaking them they may be non veg .some people eat momos without knowing them either veg or non veg.

2.Non Vegetarian: 

This is good for those people who eat only non Vegetarian and also available at mostly stall but not at everywhere so don't think that we can eat every type of momos in every stall or shop.You have to conform that which meat is inside the momos and what type of material present inside the momos.

Momos eat at Night is Harmful Why

Momos are harm full when we eat at night because night is the sleeping time and we normally sleep most time and when we sleep our body movement is at rest or our body movement is zero so our digestive system not work properly and our body get fat and not generate energy from food and may be lead to block of pipes.

Price List of Momos in India:

At street  
Non Fried              20/Half
Non Fried              40/Full
Fried                      30/Half
Fried                      50/Full
With Cream           60/Half
With Cream           70/Full

At Shop   
Non Fried               40/Half
Non Fried               80/Full
Fried                       100/Half
Fried                       150/Full
With Cream            120/Half
With Cream            170/Full.

The veg stuffing is mild in ot is best to serve with any spicy dipping sauce on side.