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Google Adsense
Google Adsense

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a great deal for online earning and this is also created by GOOGLE and you can earn a lot of money with pattern program. There are some policy of Google Adsense and if you want to earn money like from YouTube, Website or App than there are different policies of Google Adsense. And you have to follow them and there is no limit that how much you earn so you can earn more by doing more work.

Now lets we talk about Google Adsense with Website :
If you want to get approval of Google Adsense for website then you have to work hard on your website and you also maintain your website pages in proper manner and in a simple way, in website there are a lot of opportunities like you are free to post what you like for example you can posting technology, game or online earning blogs.
And the theme of your website is simple and good looking.
And if you work hard you may achieve success within a month
If you go for a blogger than I think this is the best option for your starting Carrier in blogging because in blogger you don't want to purchase domine and hosting and you can earn without any investment but I suggest you purchase domine like www.your website and after that, you can get an easy approval of Google Adsense

Make sure that in your blog there is 20+ post and every post have more than 500 words.

Always remember that your website support desktop version as well mobile version for 100% google adsense and fast.

Google Adsense with YouTube :

After 20 February 2018 Youtube launch a new policy for channel monetization and after that many YouTuber leave his/her YouTube career because not completed or come under youtube policy  i.e., 4000 hours watch time in last 12 months and 1000 subscribers on YouTube channel which is not easy to complete the task but some of Youtuber continuously upload video and get success and youtube also enable channel monetization when they come under youtube community guidelines.

When You Apply For Google Adsense :

Open a fresh browser and create a new Gmail and verify a mobile number which is not verified with other Google absence and enter a real address because when you complete your $10 in your Google absence than google send you a letter of code which is paste in your Google AdSense account.