Earn Real Money or Fake Money From internet

Real v/s Fake Earning
Real V/S Fake Money

Real v/s Fake Earning

Money can buy all human-made things and at present time every one what to earn money online as well as offline but in both cases you have to do hard work so if you think that we can earn money without any work than you are wrong but after 2-4 month when you are brand in online market than you can do less hard work because everyone trust you if your work is excellent.
Now let's talk about REAL and FAKE online earning there are many type of platform from where you can earn lot of money   and first we discuss about fake online earning and if you search in google "How to earn money online " than you see many website is ready to pay to you like some website are ready to pay you $10 before work starts but I recommend you to not visits that type of sites because you did all the work but that website may be not paid and say that || your way of explanation is wrong so we can not pay you at this time  because of our policy. And now you think that website already pay $10 to me but you shocked to know that website have threshold payment like if you want to withdraw $10 then you have to complete $100 in your account which is impossible. I think now I think that you almost know that about fake online money or eating
So now let's talk about REAL online money you may not believe that you can earn lakhs of money online with hard work

Amazon affiliate marketing

In Amazon affiliate marketing you only create account on Amazon affiliate marketing by searching on Google after creating Amazon affiliate marketing account , you only copy that product link which product you want to sell on your fan page of Facebook or Instagram or on YouTube channel after that if someone purchase that product from your link than Amazon give you a commission on that product so you can share as much as you share product's link
This method is best for you if you have a fan page on Facebook or Instagram or have a YouTube channel then you have the opportunity to share Amazon affiliate marketing link with your fan's and earn a lot of money there is no limit that how much you can earn and this is quite the best and possible method to earn online.