Dropout a word with a meaning to one's life may be a successfull

Mark Zuckerberg college dropout success
Mark Zuckerberg college dropout success

Dropout Success

Today in the world that we live in is so much materialistically obsessed with the current landmark of success that they end up replacing the reality with this so-called happiness which when judged is an attraction towards luxury not towards happiness. But the question which ultimately arises is - what is it being a dropout or why do people drop out from their current / ongoing crisis, sometimes identity crises.     

There are many events in our lives that are disturbing and tend to be metamorphic or decisive when carried out. furthermore they have gambled conjectural outcomes but dropout in the life of a teenager is a life turning event for him. A tenure when things turn beyond one's control and reach, in such a way that mental stress rises which is somehow related to identity crises and the pressure of decision making and what we really want to accomplish in our lives. The accomplishment of an objective plays a vital role in our lives but for that, we need to keep in mind a number of key things and their alternatives as things don't work as they are supposed and sometimes not even around them even in their parameters.                             

Success Life After DropOut

 They say  " life is too short to have regrets "  a farsighted person wouldn't bother in making decisive decisions, keeping everything in check with a will or not to underestimate any scenario. For him the best option is believing in oneself because at times he himself might run out of option, having times when you feel like what's going on in my life?  why am I stuck with this? what's happening to me? and many such disturbing things. People don't understand you and those are the ones with whom you are close with . " belief and confidence " these are the two main things that are affected by the blow.  And this is merely the beginning of upcoming experience but the self-building thought behind is that it has to end when we drew ourselves towards the success path. The only thing that you should keep in mind is what you want to conquer and how would you take the first step towards it and the rest is to be neglected with a thought " I know you would come "self-esteeming yourself at the best possible level.

In the time when things will start lining up, you would be the first to appreciate all that you did under your capability and that's because all credit goes to the inner you for keeping up confidence even in harsh times. One of the most widely known example is mark Zuckerberg  who got his degree after dropout as he was the one who invented Facebook in his dorm. So it doesn't matter where the idea came from the only that you need to keep in my mind is whether you believe in it or not or would you be able to stand tall with that belief.
In the end it would only comedown to to your intuition  and how you believe in it .
" trust yourself

   you know more than  you think you do".