chemistry and mutual understanding between Boys

chemistry and mutual understanding between Boys
chemistry and mutual understanding between Boys

Mutual Understanding 

Why in the world when it comes to relationships either of the partner at some time feels hesitant in demonstrating about what is unsound with them or a an uncertain goofed moments , that they don't feel  conferring  about it or even sometimes admitting about it . Avoiding such small things can bridge up to to a big distance and why is it so hard to understand ...
Hate to admit it but we do not understand or do not have the courage of getting to the point what really fake is ...when we mess up and we really do mess up the only thing we can do is take ownership of it and try to make it right and that's it .
It's like ripping of a bandage from a wound that can only be felt with no physical symptoms and it is really going to hurt and you just have to do it and leave it alone the rest is on your patience and time to heel the wound and then it is done ....majority of the stuff that we see outside is not real is the highlight of a mirage that we want to is crap with filter on it just to make it attractive and prettier ...having your own level of understanding is very influential and it should not be driven by some other source ...we struggle to understand the basics of it but these are the building blocks and that struggle can only be overthrown by observing yourself and digging deep to how your thought process and makes inferences are not here to fool around or down to get fuck'ed up the Mozart of your  thoughts playing your own tune .
Their  is a metaphysical poem written by john Donne and their their is a beautiful sense of mutual understanding a far from reach in today's world...


                                  sweetest love , i do not Go ,

                                  for weariness of thee,

                                  nor in hope the world can show

                                  A fitter love for me;

                                  but since that i

                                  must die at last , tis best ..

                                  to use my selfe in jest

                                 thus by feigned deaths to dye....

a very simple and common explanation that we can sum up is his beloved being his sweetest love ..he shows mush affection for her and ad advises her not to mourn ..he says that he is going to leave her not because he is tired of her or is looking for a new lover its just he has the realization of his death  and that he is going to leave her , everything has to die and so will he and everyone around..his departure will be shocking to her but he suggests to prepare herself by the temporary departure so that she could just get used to separation and understand  that love was eternal for her but it is the time which is limited ...
Though its hard to amend yourself fully with this but taking step is not a bad option than being idle around and looking someone else to cover up.